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The Leo Birthday Horoscope July 23, · Premium Unlock the secrets of your weekly and monthly Extended Horoscope. Exclusive Astrology.

The story of a prince who escapes his destiny, the prison of his mind. He lands on a fascist island and incites women to revolt. A psychedelic fantasy about destiny and humanity, social control and Utopian revolution. A gang of criminals was searching for an ancient sleeping machine in old houses. Inheriting a dry patch of land, Bancharam converts it into a fabulous garden. A private university student Rafi, and his haphazard family.

The father is involved with another woman; the mother is irritated at the daughter in law, the brother is a corrupt employee, Not Rated min Action, Drama, Fantasy. Yoddha The Warrior is a Bengali action historical-romance movie of Gandharva Kumar reveals a long-forgotten secret wherein he claims to be heir to the family property to Ratanlal Babu. Adventure, Drama, Fantasy. Bishaash is an adventurous drama which is produced by BBC in bangladesh. It is a drama serial which is broadcasted on Btv.

Stars: Babu Md. Bizli has possessed supernatural power by birth. Her father Dr. Alam wants to hide it, but evil scientist Dr. Jerina wants to use Bizli to implement her cold fusion electricity generation project. Not Rated min Adventure, Drama, Family. Satyavati lives a poor lifestyle along with her widower dad in Sonarpur, and is a devotee of Devi Maa Santoshi, the daughter of Bhagwan Shri Ganesh, who had created her so that his two Where people are busy with their own lives and struggles, which leaves them in constant need of a The film is adapted from a story called Hungry Stones by Rabindranath Tagore.

A tax collector posted to a small town puts up at a mansion feared by the locals because it is haunted. As time It begins like a fairy tale. It starts with a ritual. A bard appears on the screen and sings. Glory be the new gods who have descended to the Earth. The chairman of the gods, concerned over The story of "Bilu Rakkhosh" revolves around the central protagonist "Bilu" who is a direct product of the hollow modernization the current times are going through.

Bilu works in IT in a Fyataroos join hands The movie is the story of a snake catcher, Jyotsna who cures a prince from snake bite and their struggle to convince the king to allow them to marry each other. While making a film based on Mahabharata episode of Eklavya's offering of honorarium to his Guru Dronacharya, the film director finds a new truth and that drives him to change and add something new in the screenplay. A young boy meets a friendly ghost and the impossible became a reality.

Based on a story by Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay. Peace Haven is the story of three friends in their 70's who journey to build a mortuary for themselves and in the process discover the meaning of life ironically through death. This is a film on the ancient city named 'Varanasi' situated on the banks of river Ganges in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. It is the holiest of the seven sacred cities Sapta Puri in Drama, Family, Fantasy.

Once upon a time, there lived a king. The king was not able to produce any heir to the throne through his three wives. The king was depressed and spent large amount of time by himself in Not Rated min Drama, Fantasy, History. Devi Maa Lakshmi is offended and puts a curse on both of Gochhikar , Sehenawaj Khan , Ratan Meher. Thus all the main cards were exhausted one after the other. Their Entry Numbers were then noted in that register against the year of submission under that particular Department. All the Entry Numbers thus fell against their years of submission of the theses in their respective Departments in an ascending order.

Other tables also were derived from this record. Information for Table 17 to Table 20 had to be compiled from many other sources. Press copy for Part II was mainly prepared from this register adding the remaining information from various sources. The required additional notes and instructions were then added to facilitate reference to them. References here appear for Table Numbers for the Departments and Faculties. First the subject chains were derived.

The respective Headings thus obtained were noted on the back of the main cards. Other required entries also were noted thereon. These Index cards were then arranged in an alphabetical order. This Index was thereafter scrutinised. The entries found unnecessary were taken out and the additional ones were incorporated. These edited Index cards bearing the Entry Number were then transferred onto paper to form the press copy for this Part.

The Entry Numbers are given invariably in ascending order. Alphabetical arrangement is word by word. Broadly the following Indian standards have been followed. IS ; Practice for alphabetical arragement. IS ; Rules for making alphabetical Indexes. IS ; Recommendations for bibliographical reference. The breakup of this output with Faculties strength is given below.

Agriculture 9 22 27 58 2. Arts 00 oc 17 41 3. Education 22 — 5 16 21 5. Medicine, Ayurveda 56 66 76 8. Performing Arts 16 — 5 17 22 9. Sanskrit Vidya and Dharma Shastra 11 4 10 16 30 Science 31 72 Social Science 7 27 43 77 Visual Arts 1 2 3 14 19 Evening Collage — 1 33 34 Mahila Mahavidyalaya — 1 14 99 Total This output is depicted graphically in eleven periods in Table Library 6.

The Subject headings give Entry Numbers against them. Refer to these Entry Numbers in the Classified part. The reader will find that all the entries of his interest are arranged in a classified order. Suppose, one wants to know the entries, on Algebra. He should refer to the subject heading T. Now he refers to these entry numbers in the Classified Part and he will find all the entries on this subject duly arranged.

Before these entries he has the entries of Arithmetic and after these those of Mathematical Analysis. In case the subject guide is of no help or he wants information about an Author, Guide, Co-guide, Department, Year, or any particular subject, he has to refer to the Index. The Index gives entry number s of the items s under search.

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He turns to this number in the Classified Part. He will find the entry there. For example, he wants to know the entries on Raman Effect. Guide : I. Guide : C. Doctor of Philosophy Ph. Doctor of Science D. Not found in the B. Library [X] Doctor of Letters D.

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Faculty F. Table 03 gives classification schedule. Subject headings are given in Table This bill be helpful when one wants to locate the entries before or after a particular topic or on a particular subject. To claim all through accuracy in such a compilation based partly on secondary sources is difficult. Any suggestion for improvement or for addition of specified information will be gratefully received. Class No. Heading Entry Nos. For entries not found here turn to Index.

Philosophy, Gandhi and the Depressed Classes. Guide— G. History, Guide — Santosh Kumar. RAl, Tileshwar. Guide— S. Mathematics, B13 J3 7. A Study of Some Inflated Distributions. Guide — S.

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Statistics, B K7J B25 Transform 9. A Study of a Generalised Weber Transform. Guide — B. B25 K6V B25 LOS Guide— A. B25 L4P A Study on Generalisations of Double Transforms. Guide— Y. A Study of Generalisation of the Laplace Transform. Guide — Mohan. BL K6K Rama Kant. A Study on a Generalized Transform. Guide — Y. BL L6G A Study on a Generalized Multiple Transform. B25;8L L7S BL L8Y Bergmen Integral Operators and Related Topics. Guide— V.

BL MOK BL MOS Guide — R. BL0bB K9P B25;8M9 K4C Generalised Hankel Transforms. Studies on a Generalization of the Hankel Guide — S. DEO, Ramchandra Gajanan. Studies in Lattice Dynamics of Alkali Halides. Guide — K. Physics, B27 K7R B28 Statistics Contributions to Distribution, Free Tests. Guide— P. Krishna Iyer. B28 K5S-1 BaY:5 LIY Trends in Fertility and Fecundability. B K8S B LOB Guide— J. B L3P Estimation of Parameters in Exponential Distributions. B MOS Pre-test Estimation Procedures in Life Testing.

Guide — Jokhan Singh. BbD LSB Some Probability Distributions for Birth Intervals. Some Aspects of Out-migration and its Effect on Fertility. Contributions to Design and Analysis of Experiments with Mixtures. ALI, Mohammed Asghar. Fertility and their Applications. B MOU Statistics, Some Contributions to Statistical Inference.

Guide— Johhan Singh. Guide— R. RAI, Satya Narain. BN L4R Fixed Points in Metric and Banach Spaces. Guide — P.


B L2G RAM Nayan. Topological Ordered Spaces. B L2R Summability of Fourier Series and Allied Topics. Guide — L. B36 LID SIYA Ram. Certain Studies in the Infinite Series. Guide — Ashok Saxena. Certain Problems on Infinite Series. Bessel Functions and Fourier Transforms. Guide — Brij Mohan. B36M K3 Guide— Brij Mohan. Raj Deo. B36M LOR Guide— L.

Kali Puja Night Harinaam Sankirton - Part 2 - Radhe Radhe

Investigations on the Summability of Series and Integrals by Norlund methods. B36M MOS RAM, Shyam Dhir. B K8T B38;22 K7B Guide— B. B K9S RAI, Prem Nath. B38;92 K7B B39 K7P B39 K9M B39 LIV RAT, Lallan Prasad. B39 L7R On a Generalized Polynomial Set Rn x,y.

B39 L7S A Study of Certain Generalized Polynomials. B39 L9H B39 L9S Self-Reciprocal Functions. BN3 KO B39 L9SS B39 MOS BN3 K2 BN3 K3 Special Functions and Heat Transfer. BaC4;2 LIM Higher Zeroes of Certain Transcendental Functions. B L3U A Study of a Generalised Laplace Transforms. BL K4 A Study of a Generalisation of the Laplace Transform. BL K41 BL K5S Generalised Polynomials and Associated Jacobi Functions. Guide — J. BL K7S Generalised Laplace and Hankel Transforms. BL K8J BL K9Y Guide — G. Mathematics, D. BM H6 On a Generalisation of the Hermite Poly- nomial.

Thesis, B43 L7P RAI, Lok Nath. Guide— Triloki Singh. B MOR Closure, Quasi Injectivity and Regular Torsion. Guide — A. B L6A Pseudo Projective and Pseudo Injective Modules. B MOB Regularity in Abelian Categories. Generalized Integral Transforms. Some Contributions to Almost Complex Manifolds. B LIR Some Contributions to the Structures on a Differentiable Manifold. Mathematics, , [X] B L4R B L5C E L5S RAM Hit. B L6R B L6S A Study of Submanifolds with Certain Structures. B LSD DATT, Amar. A Study on Certain Differentiable Structures. Guide — Ramji Tewari. B L9K B L9P PAL, Ram Babu.

B L9PS RAI, Sankatha Prasad. Certain Investigations in the Fibre Bundles. B L9R Differentiable Manifolds with Polynomial Structures. B L9SC M-flat Modules and Almost Quasi-projective Modules. B L9SM Some Contributions to the Theory of Differen- tiable Structures. B L9SS Guide — V. RAO, B.

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B7;gC18 L7C Relativistic Theory of Non — linear Wave Pro- pagation. Guide — Rishi Ram. DMA Shankar. Study of Particle-Fluid Heat Transfer. Unsteady State Method. Chemical Engineering, Integral Transforms and their Applicadon to Fluid Dynamics. B75 K9P B75 LIT Some Problems of Fluid Mechanics. B75 L2S Some Aspects of Fluid Mechanics. Guide — H. B75 L3S Water Waves Fluid Dynamics. B K9L Some Problems in Hydrodynamics and Mag- netohydrodynamics. Guide— H. B LIY Some Aspects of Hydrodynamical and Magne- tohydrodynamical Problems. B L2P RAM, Phool Chand.

Some Aspects of Hydromagnetic Flows. Agrawa 1. Hydromagnetic Stability. Constitutive Theory of Micromorphic Materi- als. B75;3 L7P Some Problems in Magnetohydrodyamics. B L5T Unsteady Magnetic Boundary Layer Theory. Guide— K. Mathematics, [X] Some Studies in Magnetohydrodynamical Flows. BgC7 L8S BgC7 L9A SEWA Lai. BgC7 L9S Some Aspects of Magnetohydrodynamic Flow. Some Studies in Relativistic Magnetohy- drodynamics. B75;30gC7 MOG Some Geometrical Aspects of Magnetofluid- dynamic Flows.

Guide— Ram Babu. BgC7 MOS B75;34 L5G Flow Through Porous Media. B75;34 L6S Guide — Nikhilesh Roy. Civil Engineering, B L8M Hydrodynamic Dispersion in Porous Media. B75; L2N B75;5 RAM Babu. Hydromagnetic Shock Waves. B LOR Turbulent Some Investigations on Hydrodynamic and Magnetodynamic Turbulence. Flow of Viscous Incompressible Fluids. Laminar Viscous Flow of Incompressible Fluid. Guide— Krishna Lai. Guide— Gopal Tripathi. Chemical Engg, BaC LOM BaC4;23 L4A On the Flow of Viscous Incompressible Fluids.

B K7D Studies in Visco-elastic Substances. RAO, Dhiiltpala Atchuta. B;3 L3A B;3 MOC Guide-Newal Kishore. B MOT B L8P B' L9S RAMA Rani. B L9SO Mathematics, 19S0. B MOB B78 GAUR, Madhukar. B78;3 L6G B L6T B78;3 MOR SEN, Ramdas. Development of Unsteady Boundary Layer Theory. B; L8S Gas RAI, Arisudan. Propagation of Discontinuities in Compre- ssible Fluids. B78;3 MORP B78;55 L2S Shock Waves in Radiating and Conducting Gases. B L6P The Formation and Propagation of Shock Waves.

Guide— Rishi Ram.

TANTRIK TOTKA|শত্রু বশীকরণ হবেই ! ১০০% গ্যারান্টি তন্ত্র-টোটকা !| Enemy Vashikaran Tips.

Matliematics, B MOP Guide — V, Singh. Gourob Chakraborty. Sourav Sarkar. Atanu Ghosh. Manas Das. Kousik Goswami. Manish Debbarma. Mainak Mukherjee. Nisarga Kolay. Akash Chakraborty. Actor Shantanu. Sandipan Sarkar. Tamanash Mondal. Goldie Ganguly. Sayantan Moulik. Kaushik Deb. Prithibi Metalheart. Amit Dey. Debabrata Banerjee. Tanmoy Ghosh. Alpana's Creation. Anit Chakraborty. Avirup Bonik. Sayantan Adhikary. Bijoynath Sarkar. Samrat Dey. Arindam Banerjee. Subhodip Dasgupta. Monalisa Manna. Ayan Mukherjee.

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