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World Cancer Day. Guru Ravidas Jayanti. Valentine's Day. Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati Jayanti. Maha Shivaratri. Ramakrishna Jayanti. More February Festivals.

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International Women's Day. Hazarat Ali's Birthday. Chhoti Holi. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Jayanti. Shivaji Jayanti. Vernal Equinox. Shaheed Diwas. Gudi Padwa. More March Festivals. Bank's Holiday. Rama Navami.

Gemini 2020 Horoscope

Mahavir Swami Jayanti. Good Friday. Solar New Year. Ambedkar Jayanti. Vallabhacharya Jayanti. Earth Day. Shankaracharya Jayanti. More April Festivals. International Workers' Day. World Laughter Day. Buddha Purnima.

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Rabindranath Tagore Jayanti. Mother's Day. Jamat Ul-Vida. Eid al-Fitr. Maharana Pratap Jayanti. World No Tobacco Day. More May Festivals. Kabirdas Jayanti. World Environment Day. Longest Day of Year. International Yoga Day. Jagannath Rathyatra. More June Festivals. Guru Purnima. Tulsidas Jayanti. Eid al-Adha. More July Festivals. Friendship Day. Independence Day. This year seems to be moderate for your economic health. You will, on one hand, enjoy substantial economic gains this year. On the other, there is a possibility of expenditure during marriage ceremony taking place within your family in the month of January.

Once Saturn transits in your second house i.

Saturn in Capricorn , , , Saturn Transits

However, you need to be careful during March-May, as it may lead you towards losses or expenditure may occur. You may also renovate your home during this period. You may consider buying or selling your assets. If you have any court litigation, you would get success in it this year. There may be a possibility of bad health of any family member of yours. Expenditure may incur for their treatment. Overall this year looks average for you. Planetary positions can cause certain health issues and to get rid of such ailments, you need to follow remedies and for that period, when planetary positions are unfavourable, avoid doing certain things.

According to the prediction for , your health will remain good throughout the year. Your sixth house of disease is being ruled by planet Venus. Venus looks strong and stable in your horoscope this year. There is a slight decline in your health during the months of April-May and August. However, it would not affect you much.

You will easily recover.

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You need to take care of your parent's health in the month of January. Overall, this year is good for your health but not of your mother.

Sun enters Scorpio

This year, natives of Sagittarius sign may expect excellent results in terms of career. At the beginning of the year, 5 planets would be in your Lagna the ascendant. In the month of January, the time period is good for you. Your 11th lord Venus would be in your 2nd house, which is creating a dhan yoga for you this month. Your income will be good during this period. Your tenth lord Mercury is positioned well throughout the year. Your 2nd and 3rd houses lord Saturn would transit in your second house in the month of January.

After January, you may have to put lots of efforts to achieve your goal owing to the placement of your third lord in the second house. In the month of January-February, there is a possibility of getting a sudden unexpected Job, which may increase your income. During the months of April-May, you may switch your job and can get an increment on your current salary. Jupiter will remain in your Lagna most of the year, so your luck will always be in your favour due to the positive aspect of Jupiter at your ninth house. You may also choose your career in the fields related to spirituality, healing, medicinal etc.

During April-May, you may get a job offer from abroad or else some expenses are likely to incur. Once Rahu changes its sign from Gemini to Taurus in the month of September, it will help you in your career-related matters. It would bring good results at career front.

Your enemies will be defeated. It a good time to expand your business. You will make a handsome profit this year. You may go abroad or travel to long distances for your business purpose. Your business will grow during the months - March to May. There are sudden gains expected in the initial few months or in the middle of the year.

January 2020

According to Sagittarius Horoscope , students of Sagittarius sign will get excellent results this year. Saturn and Jupiter will remain in your first house at the beginning of the year, which is favourable. You will attain knowledge due to a special aspect of Jupiter on your fifth house.

Birth Date 22 Numerology#Personality Number 22#SECRET OF 22 BIRTH DATE

Your concentration will be good. Before the transit of Saturn in Capricorn, you may get desired results. This year is really good for you in attaining knowledge due to the placement of Jupiter in your first house most of the year. During March-May, you may lose your concentration.

However, it would not affect you much as Jupiter will aspect your 10th house of career, and make things better. You may grab the opportunity to get a job in your area of specialization. Once Rahu changes its sign from your 7th house to the sixth house, time will be more auspicious to compete for competitive examinations. Those who are preparing for government jobs will succeed in their endeavours this year. Students who want to go abroad for higher studies or further studies with good institutions have a high possibility of achieving success.

This year, your family life would be glorious. Your fourth lord Jupiter will be in your own sign most of the year, which is good for you. It is also aspecting 5th, 7th and 9th houses from itself. The time period is good for your children, spouse and father. During the months of March-May, you may purchase some land or property.

Time is favourable for purchasing and selling your assets, you may get profit out of it. In the month of February, you may spend on the purchase of some luxurious item s. Due to an aspect of Saturn on your 4th house, you may be lead towards dissatisfaction. However, placement of the 4th house lord is benefic, which may bring good news. There lies a possibility of marriage this year. High probability of Manglik Karya taking place within your family can be seen. You may visit some religious place or go for a pilgrimage or there might be some religious ceremony in your family this year.